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Jeeves helps you grow your business

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Jeeves only does the Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities that deliver more customers and sales. 

Jeeves Does Marketing

+44 079511 587 00

Supercharge Your Growth...

No one knows your business better than you!

You've done the late nights, come up with the best products and services and taken all the risks. To get where you have gotten has taken time and dedication and we know your struggle.  

But now it's time to grow, and it's here where Jeeves can help you get more customers and sales through Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities

Which Hat Do You Wear?

When it comes to Digital Marketing, we find business owners wear one of the following hats. Which of the following rings true for you?
Hat #1
I'm overwhelmed - there is already too much to do running my business... 
Hat #2
I'm doing some digital marketing but I'm not getting the returns I need...
Hat #3
I've stopped doing digital marketing as nothing seemed to work for my business
The truth is the right blend of digital marketing is very rarely implemented by businesses.

Money is often wasted through a scatter-gun approach or an incorrect strategy.

The result is less customers, sales and a lost opportunity to grow the business.

Are You Showing Up Where Customers Are Looking?

To get attention you may previously have put an advert in the Yellow Pages, or even invested in local press advertising. But these once stable marketing routes have been overtaken by new Digital Marketing activities. 

For example, have you seen people on the trains and trams recently? 

All you will see is row after row of people with their head down staring at their phones...
The truth is..
If business owners cannot adapt and find new ways of engaging these people then their businesses will struggle to grow and let's be real, may not even have a viable future.

BUT... You Only Need To Do Four Activities

The good news is that are ONLY Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities that you need to do which will significantly increase your business growth.

These four activities will generate more customers and increase your sales. 
We know this, as it's these four activities that have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours grow and succeed.

Focus Your Effort - AND Save Money...

The Jeeves team have all at some point, worked for a big marketing agency.

Collectively we have done everything from leaflets through to 30K website builds. 

But now we only do Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities...  And here's why:
You know the 80/20 Rule Right. 

80% of your success comes from just 20% of the activity. That’s what we do. The 20 % gets you 80% of the success. 
But agencies are expensive right? 

Jeeves Is NOT A Traditional Agency..

We’re not a traditional agency! Agencies are expensive - and here’s why. 

For every hour someone works for your business at a Marketing Agency they will need to bill you around £70 per hour! 

No kidding. 

It’s not that they’re greedy (most aren't) that is just what they need to charge to cover items such as office space, rent, rates, wages, insurance, VAT and all that good stuff.
So... for your £70 per hour you’re going to get someone at the top of their game right? …. Wrong your £70 per hour will get you a mid-range exec who will be supported by someone with greater experience.

We know this as we have worked in and run Big Agencies… 

Jeeves is different and here’s why. 

Delivered At A Fraction Of The Usual Cost

Not only have we focused on the Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities that will help your business grow we have used technology to remove inefficiencies, delays and bottlenecks.

We now have what we believe are the most efficient processes to deliver these services each designed by experts in their field.

What would normally take any other Marketing Agency a week to deliver we can do it in a matter of hours. 

That means our cost to do any of these Four Digital Marketing Activities for your business is as low as is feasibly possible whilst being of the highest quality. 

What Our Customers Say

So... In Summary

We Need To Work Together

Jeeves is your Digital Marketing Expert here to help you grow. Here's why we should work together
Reason #1
You’re great at running your business… 
Reason #2
We’re great at digital marketing
Reason #3
We have Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities to get you more customers and sales. AND... We have made their delivery ultra-efficient aka cheap.
What Next….

It is time to reveal the Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities that will get you more customers and more sales. To uncover this information your price of admission is your name and email address... And all will be revealed.

Here's The Jeeves Most 

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Jeeves?

Jeeves is a team of Digital Marketing and Facebook specialists that have over 20 years experience of helping businesses generate more leads and grow sales.

The team has one goal and that is to help small to medium-sized businesses use Four Proven Digital Marketing activities to grow their business for a low monthly fee.

Why is using Jeeves so inexpensive?

One word - Automation. We have taken the four most successful digital marketing activities broken them down into bite sized chunks and automated many elements.

Anything that does not need manual intervention we have automated using our internally built software. This means we have reduced head count whilst being able to deliver a best in class service. This also creates consistency. You are not subject to a person having an off day or getting distracted.

This doesn't mean you lose out on the human touch! We have just eliminated fluff and bloat. Where a line of computer code can press buttons that's what happens rather than it be a manual process. It allows our creative team to do what they do best.... be creative and focus on growing your business.

What are the Four Proven Digital Marketing Activities?

It's a secret. Well not really... we're just creating a bit of intrigue! Fill out the form and all will be revealed. But rest assured these are proven digital marketing activities. Each member of our team has used these activities to help businesses just like yours get more customers and more sales.

Am I in a fixed term contract?

Absolutely not. We know once you become a Jeeves client you will be blown away with the services, however if your situation changes (maybe you get too busy or successful) you can pause or cancel Jeeves at any time. No questions or issues.

What if I don't have a website?

No website. No problem. As you will see when you fill in the form below that your website could be what's holding you back. The Jeeves system works if you have the best website in the world, the worst or none at all.

I'm just starting up will Jeeves work?

Absolutely. We love your entrepreneurial ways. We let you focus on carving out your business empire whilst we work on the four proven areas of digital marketing that will help you grow and get more sales.